Have tight shoulders? Stop doing this!

Tight shoulders can be the worst. They can keep you up at night, increase fatigue even activate migraines.

If you’re anything like me, tight shoulders are your constant companion. Tight shoulders are common with the amount of time we spend;

  • Sitting at a computer
  • Looking down at our phone
  • Driving around in the car

Do you know what that tension turns into??? Tight shoulders equals PAIN! Put your hand up if you love pain…

I know ABSOLUTELY NO ONE raised their hand.

The worst thing is people make their tight shoulders worse! They make it worse by one thing they do while exercising. Perhaps you are doing it too.

Want to know exactly what it is?

It is holding your shoulders up during whatever exercise movement you are doing. This is often done subconsciously increasing your case of tight shoulders. I am going to give a yoga example but it happens in so many different movements.

  • Imagine you have unrolled you beautiful yoga mat (mine is aqua colored) and you are in a deep right lunge.
  • Place your right foot is at the top of the mat in between your hands which are rested upon yoga blocks.
  • Allow the right knee bent making a direct line down to your right toe.
  • Extend your left leg behind you pressing your left toe into the floor, lifting the knee or laying the knee down

This next step is where you are adding to your shoulder pain –

  • Sinking into your shoulder sockets
  • Compressing your neck
  • Dropping your belly


See how my shoulders are level with my ears – that is adding to your shoulder PAIN! You don’t need anything else in your life adding tension to your shoulders. I dare you to just pop on the floor and see if what your shoulders look like when you do this position.

Are your shoulders level with your ears???

How to stop adding to your shoulder pain?

  • Press into the yoga blocks with wide, flat hands
  • Extend your sternum and heart forward and upward
  • Imagine your shoulders rolling down the you back reaching down to the earth
  • Lengthen your spine in both directions; reaching the crown of your head upward and rooting your tail towards the ground


See how there is a space between my shoulders and ears. When you perform this posture using this type of alignment you strengthen the supporting muscles that surround the shoulders creating space in the spine. Pressure is released from the shoulders lessening tension.

As you train your body to utilize proper alignment you may even forget you once had shoulder pain… Who am I kidding, that may never fully happen because you know life happens. Perhaps your like me; your shoulders are like the secret box where all emotional tension lives. Ha!

Try this and say goodbye to unnecessary shoulder pain.


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