Want beautiful pointed toes?

Do you want more beautiful pointed toes? Pointed toes that don’t cramp? Ugh, I hate foot cramps!!

There is a magic tool that truly will help you SOOOO much in strengthening you entire foot. It will increase your point and reduce the muscle cramping that can often be associated with pointing toes.

In dance, beautiful pointed toes are coverted by so many. Often, new dancers look at a dancers pointed toes and compare it to their own and are like “Why does their toe look long and beautiful and mine look like a scrunched piece of paper?”

They have beautiful pointed toes because;

  1. They have been dancing for a long time
  2. Their foot muscles are strong
  3. To achieve their point they are activating ALL foot muscles
  4. The point is a full foot movement instead of a toe movement
  5. They have a tool- the Thera band!!!!

The perfect tool- The Thera band

Using a Thera band you can strengthen your pointed toes

What in the world is a Thera band you ask… It is an awesome tool that can totally help you achieve a stronger, more connected beautiful pointed toe.

You can Purchase a Thera band right here. I would suggest the green band or search {Thera band} on amazon . You will want a light resistant Thera band. Perhaps you already have resistant exercise bands but if they are not a light weight one (if you can’t pull the band and start to see through it) then it wont work well.

Steps to a stronger, more beautiful point

Here are some tips on how to use a Thera Band. You will strengthen your foot to create a beautiful pointed toe-

  1. Lay the right leg out in front of you
  2. Wrap the Thera band around your flexed toes (toes point towards the ceiling creating a straight line from your toes to your heel) covering the toes and ball of your foot
  3. Pressing the ball of your foot into the Thera Band sending the ball of your foot forward
  4. Once the ball of your foot is as far as it can go begin to extend the point into the lowest part of your toes
  5. Still pushing through the Thera band extend the point from the lowest part of your toes through the end of your toes creating full foot extension

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