Week 3

Week 3

Take a moment and fill out the SURVEY to check in with yourself on your goals and progress.

Just because you are a mom and not 18 anymore, just because you spend the majority of your money putting your kiddos through extra curricular activities, just because you don’t think you have time or haven’t moved your body for eon years. It freaking doesn’t mean that you should never move it again. It simply doesn’t matter.

IT DOESN’T MATTER! – Yes I used bold caps because I mean it. I am yelling a high pitch yodel into my computer, through the internet waves and to your delicate ears.

Please listen…

STOP making excuses why you simply can’t make time to move your amazing body. It is not just you, we all have our excuses and the way we stop using them is to first acknowledge what they are and what they stem from.

Your body was made to move. Movement is essential to our earthly experience so why not broaden your movement possibilities.

I think it’s absolutely outrageous the boundaries us ladies box ourselves in. I do this, you do this. Before we go on let’s take a moment. Think about your hubby, brother or dad. When there is a basketball game at church sporadically or football game on boxing day those men in your life turn up and have a blast.

You should too! Just start moving more and pay attention how your body FEELS. Enjoy the sheer pleasure and ability that you CAN move your body right now.

Many people perhaps have lost the ability to move parts of their bodies and would love that privilege back. Let’s choose to move now and not wait for a tragedy to snap us into action.

Pay attention to how it feels when you move your body. Pay attention to the messages your body is giving you. The more in tune you become with your body the more you will come to know exactly what your body needs.

Enjoy these yoga flows



I had a VERY dark time during the earlier years of my motherhood and I realized that I needed some medical assistance to be healthy again. I share this experience in case it helps you see red flags in your own journey or in hopes to help you understand those in your life who experience postpartum depression.

The moment I realized I had depression.



Let’s just take a moment and talk about Failure. It is going to happen. Sorry I know your probably like me and wish that wasn’t so but it is. It actually happens all the time. Failure is part of mortality. Failure is not to be feared.

According to googles dictionary Faliure means-

1.Lack of success.

2. The omission of expected or required action.

3. The action or state of not functioning.

Not so scary. This describes my activity multiple times a day. Some days I wake up with grand unrealistic plans and they don’t get done because life happens; lack of success -CHECK!

I intended to fold the laundry before bed but got distracted by my kids or husband; omission of expected action- CHECK!

I made dinner last night and left it on the counter while I took a quick trip upstairs to grab something to return to it being eaten up by my dog; action not functioning- CHECK!

It happens all the time so prepare for it. If you know you are going to fail then prepare yourself for what to do when it occurs.

Ways you can prepare yourself for failure and come back stronger and smarter

  • If you keep experiencing lack of success in the same area change your perception or standard of success. For example the frequency or length of time you decide to move your body for.
  • Make your desired action more attractive. For example; you get to listen to your favorite podcast while or after your exercise.
  • If your goal isn’t working time and time again change the goal. Maybe it is not working for a reason. Perhaps being so suck on seeing a smaller number on the scale is depressing because it’s not happening, but deepening your understanding of what God has taught you about your body being a temple of God will rewire your mind and thought patterns about your body and being healthy.

Reread the definition of failure will you? No where in the definition does it say Failure is a stupid person, an ungrateful person, a lazy person, a fat person, a disappointment. No, nowhere does it say those things and yet they might be sentences that have played on repeat in my mind. Know this those sentences come directly from the adversary.

Satan, the devil the adversary- whatever name you want to give him doesn’t want you to be more powerful. If you love yourself more, become more healthy and have more energy you are a threat to him! Do you hear me?

You are a threat and he will try to fill your beautiful mind with lies because he knows the more power you have the less power he has. Follow Moses’ example and recognize satan’s influence and tell him to get thee hence.

John 1:3 we are reminded that all things were made by God. Draw upon the very power that created you, you were created in His image and allow Him to lift you up and strengthen you. Heavenly Father knew you would fail and that is why He sent His Son to redeem, rescue and renew us.

WEEK 1 GOAL – 3 x week


I am thrilled you are here. I believe it will help you feel more centered, peaceful in your daily lives PLUS it will increase your flexibility and strength.


First things first– in order to be successful and this course to evoke change within you take a moment and decide when you are going to practice. Many studies have PROVEN that if you plan and schedule something you want to do you are more likely to actually do it.

For me everyday is a little different. Some days I exercise in the morning first thing and other days it is later on. What helps me be successful in actually doing it sitting down on Sunday (or whatever day that works for you) and look at my week. I then schedule the specific time I will workout into my google calendar (I LOVE google). Each night I look over my calendar for the next day and make sure I know exactly when I will workout.


OPPOSITION! We learn in the scriptures that there is opposition in all things so expect it to happen because it will. Plan for how you will respond to the opposition and don’t be surprised by it.


Do yoga 3 times a this week for under 10 mins, choose an amount of time that is totally attainable. You need to make the habit attractive and easy to do. Too often we develop complicated and unrealistic goals thats it is no wonder we give up and admit defeat quickly.

An amazing book on building new habits is James Clear “Atomic Habits” here is a video that gives you a glimpse into the books teaching-


Meditations can be done at any time and in any place. Focus on quieting your mind and being still. Here is a meditation that several of my students have enjoyed-

Guided Gratitude Meditation


Set your timer for the amount of time you have decided and press play. When your timer goes off just stop unless you want to or are able to keep going. IF you stop do not feel any sort of guilt about not finishing- you accomplished your goal you DID IT!

These 2 classes are 15 minutes each.

REMEMBER set your timer!