Have you wondered why negative thoughts seem to have the power to bring you down and get you emotionally stuck? Do you have the same negative thoughts spinning around your head? Do you wish you didn’t think negatively but simply don’t know how to stop?


The main reason it’s so hard to eliminate negative thoughts is that you are in an unhealthy relationship.

I want you to think about an unhealthy and abusive relationship you have witnessed in real life or in fiction. To everyone else, it seems so obvious that the relationship is unhealthy and destructive but the person stays. You probably ask yourself “Why are they still in that relationship? Can’t they see how terrible and unhealthy it is?”

This is the same with your unhealthy and negative thoughts. To your friends and family they will tell you they are not true and yet you still believe and listen those negative lies about yourself, your failures and insecurities.

The reason the person stays in an abusive relationship is the same reason you keep listening to the negative thoughts

  • You believe it will get better
  • They are manipulating you
  • You know what to expect, even though you don’t like it you can predict it and that feels like you have control
  • Believe it’s normal
  • Self esteem is so low you don’t belive you deserve better

The word Abusive – is defined as an effect in a bad way, treat with cruelty regularly / repeatedly.

If your thoughts result in you acting in negative ways, where you hurt yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically then they are abusing you. you have given your power up to those abusive thoughts.

If you are listening to thoughts that are not serving you, meaning they are NOT helping you make desired changes, achieve your goals, improving your relationships then you are in an unhealthy relationship with your thoughts. 

How to dump those thoughts

  • Realize the only way it will get better is by choosing to recognize that you can reclaim your power and dump negative thoughts.
  • Recognize and define the negative thoughts
  • Prepare for the resistance to new healthy thoughts as they may feel weird and uncomfortable initially
  • Believe it’s normal to create and listen to empowering thoughts
  • Tell yourself you deserve healthy and positive thoughts that lead you toward your awesome goals
  • Ask for help
  • Share the negative thoughts with a trusted friend

You need help, accountability, identify the hurtful thoughts, make them real and outside of your head, recognize your triggers.

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