Wyoming is beautiful… if you visit the right parts:)


The last four years we have made a tradition of spending our 4th of July in Wyoming camping at Little Granite creek (about 40 mins from Jackson Hole). It is an amazing little area that will make your heart sing with wild vibes. It’s cool that this spot is feeling like our home away from home. As we drive up the trail something yummy happens inside my heart, like I know that we are headed into a week of only being distracted by nature and how awesome God is. I feel like a can really take a break from the life of schedules, deadlines, cleaning, laundry and paying bills… basically being an adult.


The small and simple things that made that week so special were

  1. No expectations

  2. Feeling free and enjoying it

  3. Being present

  4. Having fun photographing my family and the wonder we were surrounded by

  5. A happy birthday boy surrounded by family

  6. A wonderlust day on the river feeling Grandpa’s spirit present



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