Yoga has changed my life in these 10 ways

I am going to blow your mind with ten way’s yoga has changed my life. Yes 10 ways!!! And I believe yoga can change your life too.


  1. BREATHING CAPACITY– When I first started doing yoga I would feel frustrated when the instructor would encourage us to lengthen our inhale and exhale. I was like “my lungs aren’t that big {huff, huff} can’t I just shallow breathe?” Over time the constant breathing did change my life, my actual breathing capacity has dramatically increased.
  2. NO MORE MIGRAINES– I used to get headaches ALL.THE.TIME! Since doing yoga regularly migraines are a thing of the past due to the intentional breathing and perfecting of posture.
  3. A QUIET MIND– my mind use to spin and spin and spin. It felt like my mind was never still but thanks to yoga my life has changed and I am able to clear my mind during class and sometimes outside of it too.
  4. STRONG BODY– Flexibility has always been easy for me but strength has been my nemesis until yoga. Yoga has changed me and given me an inner, connected strength that I didn’t know existed. It didn’t come fast but with consistency my strength has increased.
  5. NO MORE SPRAINED ANKLES– I used to sprain my ankles CONSTANTLY at least once a year. The last 5 years yoga has been a regular part of my routine and I haven’t sprained my ankle. Massive change in my life.
  6. HEADSTANDS ARE FUN– I always envied those who could so headstands. I tried and tried but failed. Once I started trying while learning yoga things started to change and I developed body control I didn’t know was possible. Perhaps doing a headstand seems small and insignificant but it has brought me so much joy- defiantly a life changer!
  7. MANAGED DEPRESSION– Right around the time I started getting serious about yoga was the same time I was becoming aware of the cloud of depression I had been living in. Yoga became this holy practice where I learnt how to feel and process my feelings. My life has changed so much since those days because yoga is a timeless tool for emotions.
  8. BROADENED MY PERSPECTIVE– Trying different types of yoga has really changed me because I have had to approach the practice differently, some approaches really challenged me, others bored me, others made me feel uncomfortable and some lit me up! But in trying them all I changed, I broadened my perspectives of people, the world and myself. I think anything that broadens perspective is essential in building a more peaceful world.
  9. FOUND MY CALLING– I have been teaching some form of movement since I can remember. When I had my kiddos I seemed to take a break from teaching and it was yoga that propelled me back into the teaching sphere with focus and zest. I know I am living my calling through teaching because teaching fills me up in ways nothing else can and the best part is it fills up my students too!
  10. LASTING FRIENDSHIPS– My yoga students have become some of my dearest friends. It is a massive privilege to guide others through a yoga practice. I get to go on spiritual journeys with my students during class sometimes and it is so special and transformative for both of us. I will forever be grateful for the relationships yoga has given me.

Its your turn now-

Yoga has changed my life is so many ways, 10 were just mentioned. What about you? Can you confidently say “yoga has changed my life?” Have you been consistent enough with the practice to see change? Or perhaps you are still considering giving it a committed try… What is standing in your way of letting yoga change your life?

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