What to do when motherhood is disappointing...

Find freedom from your feelings

When being a mom is not what you thought it would be

ever find yourself...


for being too emotional, too driven, too passionate or visionary ?


by opinions & thoughts of what motherhood is supposed to be?


but find yourself pretending you're fine when you are not?

I know this feeling! I can help you

deal with this...

You can handle all these yucky feelings & messy thoughts
But how?

One Step At a Time

No more pressure to have it all figured out

True Principles

Guide your personal mothering journey

Light Your Path

Identify & honor your personal needs

Your emotions can empower you to become more

one step at a time.

Step 01

First, you will learn the art of getting specific with your mothering challenges. Each session you work through ONE challenge & identify your stumbling blocks.

Step 02.

Second, you learn how to gain clarity with your emotions; what you are resisting and what is keeping you stuck.

Step 03.

Thirdly, you discover your Next Step forward & create a personalized plan that helps you take positive and productive action forward.

Lets's turn that negative motherhood drama into positive karma!

I thought that my pain was normal. I pretended to be happy while slowly on the inside I was numb. My emotions and thoughts were controlling me.

Just the idea of doing “easy” things would send me into a negative spiral & internal pain. I thought there was something WRONG with me. “Why is it so hard for me to do simple things?”

Then I created a formula – The Next Step Strategy. This strategy has given me the power to handle my emotions in the ways I desire.  The freedom is indescribable.

Pain is a part of life but you don’t have to stay in it. You can thrive in the ups and downs of life!

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